About Us

I started Final Journey because I wanted to offer people an alternative to the traditional, something just a little bit different, or perhaps just simpler.

I lost my Dad when I was a teenager. My Mum suffered with Multiple Sclerosis, she had always been strong and refused to give in to the disease but as the years passed it did get the better of her. When my sister and I started our own families the provision of 24 hour care became impossible. It was then and with her increasing Care needs that the difficult decision had to be made for Mum to move into a nursing home.

For years I knew that the day would come when the illness would eventually take her from us. It wasn’t that we hadn’t made any plans because Mum was always going to be buried with Dad, but when the time did come we had no specific ideas for what we wanted for the funeral so we had a very standard traditional funeral.

If I had been aware of the alternatives, then I believe we would have done something different.

Having had this experience, it has led me to talk more freely about death, sharing experiences with others who have lost a friend or family member. It is not something most people want or consider talking about until they need to deal with it.

I want to help families to be able to make informed choices.

There are so many options available and it’s the unique things that can make a funeral really special and memorable.

It is easy to follow tradition…My aim is to offer a meaningful alternative service.