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The Woodland Burial at Carlisle Cemetery was the first site of its kind to be opened in the UK. Designed to provide a natural woodland style setting, it provides an alternative burial site which has a low impact on the environment. Each grave is marked by an oak tree raised and supplied by local growers. The grass areas are maintained in a similar way to the conservation areas to promote floral and faunal diversity.

Dalton Woodland Burial Ground, Cumbria’s only Independent woodland burial ground, is a 30 acre triangular shaped Lime Kiln Plantation comprised of mature mixed woodland interspersed with natural glades and areas of limestone outcrops and large limestone boulders. See:

The predominant hardwood tree species are Ash, Beech and Sycamore planted in 1900 with a few ancient Common Lime, Wych Elm, Oak and Holly.

The main softwoods are European Larch, Corsican Pine and Sitka Spruce planted in the mid 1950s.

The woodland is actively managed to encourage wildlife and enhance biodiversity and most dead wood is left where it falls to provide a habitat for fungi, mosses and invertebrates. Research shows that 40% of the forest eco-system is dependent on dead wood. Some 5000 British species (about 13% of the total) including 750 types of beetle have life cycles that rely on an adequate supply of dead wood.

We can provide a cardboard coffin or shroud. If you would prefer bamboo, willow or something else just let us know.

 For a motorcycle funeral we can provide three different options of
 motorbike and sidecar hearses.

  • Classic Style Triumph
  • Suzuki Hayabusa
  • Harley Davidson

It is possible for a relative to ride pillion on the motorbike on this very special Final Journey. For motor tricycle funerals we can also provide the five wheeled fully engineered trike hearse that can seat two family members.

Also available in white is the VW hearse. This white hearse was imported from Belgium, it is a VW ‘type 26′ Bay coach built hearse.

Family members can follow in matching stretched VW Beetles if they wish.

Elegant and traditionally built horse drawn hearse with lamps is turned out to a very high standard. Available in Black or White and with either two or four horses, all are dressed with traditional black leather harness complete with black plumes.

The design of the hearse allows flowers to be carried inside or on the roof as required. The driver and groom are turned out in full black livery and our dignified and caring service pays attention to detail.

Bringing colour to a dark day is a beautiful Red and Blue 1950′s vintage Leyland Beaver.  The 21 ft deck provides ample space to create a unique display.

We have lots of ideas you can choose from or you can tell us what you would like us to do and we can help make it happen.