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Burials and Cremations

Final Journey offers you a meaningful affordable alternative to the traditional funeral – No hearse, limousines, embalming or undertakers in black.

We will bring the person who has died, in our customised vehicle, to any crematorium, burial ground or venue of your choice, whether it’s a Village Hall, Hotel, Local Pub or Football Stadium. There you can hold a family-led funeral ceremony which reflects the individuality of the deceased’s life. 

You can create a ceremony in your own style and on your own terms. Families know best, so we will support you to hold a funeral that is meaningful, beautiful, unique and a fitting farewell for your loved one.

If you would like advice or help to create the ceremony, we are happy to talk through some ideas.

We can also recommend celebrants to plan and lead a truly personal ceremony.

We provide a simple wooden coffin lined with cotton. If you would prefer a willow or cardboard coffin or a colourful one or a shroud, just let us know.

  • Carrying the coffin
    You can carry the coffin or we can do it for you or we can all do it together.
  • Flowers
    You can bring your own flowers or encourage friends and family to bring flowers from their gardens or their local florists. Alternatively, request donations in lieu of flowers to help create a memorial.
  • Music
    You can bring your own music or perhaps you have musical friends or family who could bring instruments along to play to make it a truly personal moment.
  • Poetry
    The right words can speak to the emotions and the senses.
  • Photography/Videography
    We photograph every part of our lives, particularly the big events such as weddings and christenings – Why not the end? Some people find comfort in looking back on the funeral and hearing the messages and the treasured memories from friends and relatives.
  • Light some Candles or Set free some balloons
    Involve everyone at the ceremony and make a beautiful memorable ritual.
  • Food and Drink
    Favourite Chocolates or sweets - A shot of their favourite rum or a smoke on the last cigar. Invite everyone to join in whilst listening to the ceremony.
  • Funeral Favours
    Same idea as wedding favours. You can give everyone who attends a little keepsake. A seed or a plant to plant in their garden A key-ring or book that belonged to the person. Something small that can be treasured and full of personal meaning.
  • Orders of service
    If you need orders of service, we encourage you to design these yourselves. If you need help finding printers, just let us know.

If you don’t want to do these things yourselves – ordering the flowers, designing the orders of service and finding the music – we can organise these things on your behalf.

  • Cremation - £1950
  • Burials - £1550 + Grave Purchase and Preparation