Pet Bereavement Services

When the time comes to say goodbye to our pets, the grief and shock is just as real and significant as any other loss. They will have been a part of our lives and of our family for many years and it’s up to us to treat them with the dignity, love and respect that they deserve.

You should query your Vet to make sure that they are given the very best care possible after they have passed, just as you would have done before.

Many Vet’s will offer to arrange a cremation service for you and return the ashes to you. The crematorium used will often be many miles away and will cater for many vets over a wide area – often arranging only a weekly collection.

Paws to Rest is situated at Armathwaite in the beautiful Eden Valley, looking out towards the Pennines.

Individual Cremation with Ashes returned

Your pet will be individually cremated and his or her ashes returned to you in a bronze shaded biodegradable urn or wooden casket or Scatter Tube.

The urn or casket will be wrapped in tissue paper before being placed in a discreet cardboard box, a spray of dried flowers is included.

A tastefully engraved nameplate, including month and year of cremation is placed on the urn or casket.

Individual Cremation with Ashes scattered

Your pet will be individually cremated and his or her ashes will be scattered in our Garden of Remembrance.

You are welcome to post a lasting memorial on their online memorial wall to your pet

Communal Cremation

They offer a communal cremation service for owners who do not want an individual cremation. In this case, two or more pets are cremated respectfully side by side. They cannot return the ashes but instead scatter them on grassland in our grounds.

Burial Service

When the time comes, Paws to Rest will pick your departed pet up from your home or vets, pets are treated with dignity and respect at all times. If you wish, you can bring your pet to them for it’s final service.

The Burial Service includes a basic coffin and Headstone, luxury coffins are available.

The burial ground is designated as a ‘nature’ cemetery, as such, permanent grave decoration is limited to a shrub/tree and small approved headstone.

An annual maintenance fee is applicable for your plot, payable at the beginning of each year following the burial.

Paws to Rest are more than happy for bereaved owners to return to their pets grave as many times as they wish. Free entry in the ‘Book or Remembrance’ is included in the burial service.

The Nature Cemetery offers a quiet and dignified resting place for your beloved pet. The well tended gardens offers a haven for you and your pet as they begin their journey to Rainbow Bridge.

For more information

You can contact Nick Ricketts and his team

Paws to Rest, Coombs View, Nunclose, Armathwaite, Carlisle, Cumbria CA4 9TJ

Telephone 01697 472232