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Does the body need to be taken away by a Funeral Director?

No. A body can be safely kept at home. We would advise to keep the room as cool as possible by turning off any radiators and electric blankets. Perhaps use freezer packs and ice to keep the body cool. You may want to wash and dress the person. You can close the eyes and mouth, sometimes using a rolled up towel underneath the chin can help.             You may want to call for help and reassurance, which Final Journey will be happy to give.

Where does the body go when it’s in your care?

The body will be kept at our chapel of rest, using refrigeration to help preserve the body. It will remain here until the funeral. You can view the body by prior arrangement with us.

Is the coffin cremated with the deceased?

Yes. Once the coffin is sealed and has left us, it does not get reopened.

How do I know I have my loved ones cremated remains?

The cremation process is governed by very strict rules and regulations. Each cremation is done on an individual basis and there are always cremated remains.

Are funeral plans available?

Final Journey recommend Open Pre Paid Funeral Plans and favour the Good Funeral Guide Prepaid Funeral Plan GFGPlan. It has been created in partnership with Open Prepaid Funerals Ltd. There is nothing else like it on the market.

You can think of a GFG Plan as a pot marked ‘Funeral’ into which you can put up to £20,000 for a funeral, whether yours or somebody else’s. You can have a pot to yourself or you can share it with up to four other people who can also pay in up to £20,000. When you create a pot, you pay us a non-refundable fee of £195. This pays for the administration of the money you put into your pot for its lifetime and also makes a contribution of £25 to the Good Funeral Guide CIC.

For more information on the GFG Plan CLICK HERE